Michel Barbier, M.A.P.
General Manager


Ramping up opportunities to once again talk to each other, face to face 

Since I arrived at Genium360 in the fall of 2021, our fantastic staff have delivered so many different projects, one after the other, at a frantic pace.

First and foremost, after two years marked by the pandemic, it was important for Genium360 to reconnect with the people who provide our reason for being: our members. In 2023, we continue to ramp up opportunities to see and talk to each other once more, like the traditional exclusive members’ day at La Ronde, our various P.D. activities, conferences and webinars on current issues, assorted discussion groups, and our Rencontres de génie, organized this year in collaboration with ÉTS on the theme of the Circular Economy and the Built Environment.

The choice of this theme is not an accident: the environmental issue is undeniably one of the greatest challenges facing humanity, from both the social and technological points of view. The role that engineers will play in this transition is absolutely crucial, and that’s why Genium360 wishes to actively nourish discussions with and connections between engineers and academics, researchers, experts, companies and institutions, by providing more opportunities for professional development, training activities, and meetings.

Our organization has also adopted a plan to raise its visibility, which has led us to take part in various events where Genium360 can be a voice for engineers, support the next generation of engineers through various financial aid measures, and formalize our collaborations with both educational institutions and institutional players in the engineering community.

As Genium360 celebrates its 20th anniversary, we also set ourselves the goal of engaging in an in-depth reflection on our practices, activities, services, and vision for the coming years.

This broad brainstorming exercise has enabled us to imagine and sketch out new avenues of development for our association. These avenues all converge on human beings, whom we wish to place more than ever at the centre of Genium360’s activities and services, by channelling their desire to leave their mark on their society, and acting to make these marks become landmarks for the generations to come.

And so, with renewed enthusiasm and confidence, the Genium360 team and I continue to do our utmost to offer more and more tools that enable the personal development of the thousands of women and men who take engineering to heart, and who wish to make their talents shine together, like thousands of stars, lighting our path ahead.

Inspiration de génie