General manager
Ariane Laverdure

photo_ariane_web_250x375-2.jpg Connecting and Innovating to Make Quebec’s Engineering Field Shine

As Genium360’s Chief Executive Officer, it is a privilege for me to be associated with Quebec’s engineering field, which is a true catalyst for innovation in our society.

It’s important for me to portray Genium360’s mission daily and thus accompany and follow you on your journey as engineers and engineering diploma holders. It’s by maintain close ties to our 96 000 members that Genium360 ensures its vitality. We are developing programs, tools and platforms that are continuously updated in order to stimulate your development and enhance the reach of the innovation brought about by the engineering field.

I would like to give recognition to my two predecessors: firstly, Line Lacroix, the first Chief Executive Officer to come from outside the engineering world, that created true momentum for our organization. Secondly, Gautier Poiret, outgoing Chief Executive Officer and recognized marketing expert, from whom I take up the torch with pride.

I have observed the concrete results of the organization’s profound transformation, resulting from the rollout of the latest strategic plan’s strategies. A strong brand was born with Genium360 that proudly wears the colors of our collective genius.

This is the result of all of our team members’ work. I am lucky to be able to count on such devoted, competent team members that work for our members and our organization’s future. I am deeply driven by the desire to continue with the work under way and to ensure the continuation of the direction set out by the Board.

I would like to push Genium360’s limits and make sure it becomes recognized as an avant-garde, daring and unavoidable organization meant to support the community. It’s with this in mind that I am leading this organization. I am constantly driven by an endless question: “How can Genium360 continue to develop, grow and get off the beaten path in order to better embody its role and accompany its members in their development?”

You are the purpose of our mission: create connections in the engineering field. My passion: position our members at the heart of the organization to create real value and accelerate growth. My priority is to listen to you in order to understand your reality and act in accordance with your needs as well as support your challenges. You will be the background to our considerations and to the upcoming strategic plan for 2021-2024.

The next steps are turning out to be fascinating. I am looking forward to enhancing our offering in answer to your development needs and expectations! All of this is made possible thanks to our partners with whom we will continue to develop strong relationships in order to serve you better.

I can ensure you that Genium360’s team is always there for you. But we also need you in order to grow! Let’s turn towards the future to realize Genium360’s and our community’s full potential! Together, we have a unique opportunity to enable Quebec’s engineering field to shine and to participate in a concrete way in the development of our society. So let’s unite our strengths and our collective knowledge in order to create value and direction for the engineering world!

I look forward to meeting soon.

Ariane Laverdure

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