General manager
Gautier Poiret

Image - Gautier Poiret.jpgInnovating to make Quebec’s engineering field shine

Members of the engineering community, you are, I am certain of this, key actors in contributing to the vitality of our field and to our collective future. As Chief Executive Officer of Genium360, it is a privilege for me to support you and to highlight your consistent commitment towards innovation.

Genium 360 is an unavoidable ally to your professional development. We are privileged witnesses to the evolution of your careers and of our industries. That is why we develop training and event programs as well as content that we constantly renew in order to stimulate your engagement and expand your skills and your capacity to innovate, but also to keep you informed of new advancements in the engineering field. We are constantly seeking avant-gardism to forward the objectives of our community.

I am observing today, with much pride, the concrete and beneficial results of the deep transformation created by the rollout of the 2017-2020 strategic plan. This was an impressive transformational approach to which I was completely committed while in position as Marketing & Customer-Experience Director for the organization from 2014 to 2017.

Within two years, a strong brand was born with Genium360, a brand that proudly carries the colors of our collective genius. The Rencontres de Génie quickly became strong moments throughout the year: allowing professionals to connect, exchange and become aware of best practices thanks to rich and original content delivered by high level speakers.

This will to continuously progress and remain in action, infused by former Chief Executive Officer of 5 years Line Lacroix, is part of Genium360’s DNA. This same corporate culture drives me, and I am equally as committed to making sure that every action taken is in keeping with the guidelines determined by the Board of Directors, headed by Marc-André Lépine.

Incidentally, I am very proud to be able to count on a devoted team of employees that are always working in favor of our members’ best interest while also keeping in mind our organization’s future, which will be determined through 2020’s upcoming strategic planning process.

The upcoming steps are exciting ones and we are looking forward to enriching our service and product offering in order to better meet your most practical and real-life needs! We will be able to accomplish this thanks to our partners with whom we will continue to cultivate strong relationships in order to serve you better.

When it comes to relationships, we are happy to continuously strengthen them with the 96 000 members that are part of the engineering community and that contribute daily to our dynamic organization by sharing and commenting our publications, by cooperating directly with the content, by using our products and services and, of course, by participating in our training sessions and our events! We are there for you, but we also need you in order to grow!

You are the reason our mission exists: to create connections within the engineering world. Together, we have a unique opportunity to be able to make the collective genius of Quebec shine and to participate in the development of our society in a concrete way!

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