General Manager
Michel Barbier, M.A.P.


Ensuring Stability in the Midst of Transition

It is with great pleasure that I join the Genium360 team in guiding the organization's ongoing efforts to build the service offering that equips and connects the engineering professionals of today and tomorrow. This great pride in joining a community that is a benchmark in terms of innovation and creativity is matched only by the Board's motivation to deploy a vision that meets the boldest aspirations of our members.

I would like to thank the directors for their confidence, and I reiterate my commitment to be a leading player in the deployment of strategies in a collaborative and efficient manner. My rich and varied experience in providing quality services to a community will support the programs, tools and platforms that are already valued by you, and it is in a perspective of continuous improvement that our services will be enhanced and re-evaluated.

The development potential of the corporation and the expectations of the engineering community must come together to achieve the highest and most ambitious goals. It has already been said that Genium360 must be recognized as a forward-thinking, daring and above all essential player supporting the great engineering family, and rest assured that my greatest motivation is to realize, together with the Board of Directors and all the members of our team, this potential.

There are great challenges and opportunities with technology to help us connect with each of our members even more effectively. I look forward to getting this started and making it even easier for you to benefit from Genium360's services.

We want to place the engineering graduate at the heart of our intervention, and consultation with our users is imperative if we want to produce a future filled with complicity and pragmatism. Being close to you and becoming a real asset in your professional and financial evolution is what we will strive to do, day after day.

My arrival coincides with a period of transition on the Board of Directors, and I would like to pay tribute to the directors who are leaving us and who have devoted part of their professional time to serving their community and also to contributing to the deployment of an offer that allows you to shine and perform daily.

More than ever, I am committed to ensuring that Genium360 is at the heart of the development of Quebec's immense engineering potential.

Michel Barbier, M.A.P.

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