Charles Jacob
Chair of the Board of Directors

Charles Jacob20 years of service to engineering professionals

It was 20 years ago that Genium360 launched. Our association has come a long way since then, continually adapting to the realities and needs of its members, while becoming stronger, more mature, and offering more services as well. Our fundamental mission remains more relevant than ever: to support all aspects of the personal and professional development of the thousands of men and women, each an engineer or about to become one, who are part of the Genium360 family and provide its raison d'être.

Over the past few years, we have invested a great deal of effort in building a healthy organization. Our offices are staffed by an experienced team of passionate and talented people. The financial health of our organization is now better than ever, as a result of prudent and rigorous management.

Careful administration of our finances has presented us with the happy problem of having to choose how we want to dispose of our surplus. We quickly concluded that the best use of these funds would be to redirect some portion to contribute financially to the development of engineering, through sponsorships, scholarships and donations. An initial partnership with the Fondation de l'Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec has already taken shape, under which Genium360 will contribute $25,000 to the “Future Engineers Have Just One Wish” campaign, which aims to support the next generation of engineers.

In the same spirit, we have signed a five-year agreement with the Laval University Foundation to award a $1,000 bursary to a student enrolled in the Bachelor of Engineering program.

Our support for youth also shows in Genium360's presence at events such as the Engineering Games and the Québec Engineering Competition, and in the strengthening of our ties with the university engineering community. I am personally looking forward to representing Genium360 at the head table of the annual 2023 Friends of Polytechnique Dinner, where we will present a $5,000 scholarship on behalf of our organization.

The development of these partnerships with major players in the Québec engineering world will help solidify Genium360's place in this ecosystem, so crucial to our society as it faces extraordinarily complex technological challenges, and will increase the number of opportunities for us to fulfil our fundamental mission of supporting engineering professionals in every aspect of their lives.