Alexandre Piché, P.Eng, M.Eng.
Board Chairperson

Alexandre PicheSolid foundations to face the future with confidence

Science and technology have always fascinated me, as much because of my thirst to understand the world around us as my enthusiasm for experimenting with innovative technologies. My engineering career has led me to manage large development teams on different continents, in an industry where technological innovation is omnipresent. It's a source of great pride for me to be immersed in the action, looking further ahead, and making projects happen as a community. In fact, Québec is recognized the world over for its emphasis on innovation and the engineering community plays a vital role therein.

So it's a real pleasure to continue my involvement with Genium360, and an honour to have been elected Chairperson of the Board. I'm convinced that this kind of involvement contributes, in some small way, to the growth of this wonderful community, which benefits by becoming even more diverse. Engineering needs are on the rise, and this diversity in all its forms – manifest in roles played by women, gender-diverse individuals, visible and invisible minorities, and persons from linguistic and ethno-cultural communities – will be one of our greatest assets in meeting tomorrow's challenges.

In this respect, there are numerous opportunities, whether it be in strategies for adapting to climate change, the circular economy, technological innovation and artificial intelligence, new approaches to manufacturing in the factories of the future as the workforce evolves... What is certain is that the engineering community will be a key player in the coming changes.

In this sense, we have every reason to be optimistic. Genium360 is built on a solid foundation of good governance and a sustainable partnership model that creates a virtuous circle of concrete support for the community of today and its next generation. In 2024, a new strategic plan will be drawn up. It will be an opportunity to build on the foundations established to date, and to look boldly ahead to the next few years. The executive leadership and its team are deeply engaged in the organization, so they have what it takes to propose an inspiring strategic plan closely aligned with your reality. They will be supported by eleven directors, including four newly elected, with strong skills spanning complementary fields. Everyone is very enthusiastic about undertaking this exercise.

Of course, we will continue to collaborate with our valued, loyal partners, and to explore untapped markets in order to meet our members' personal and professional needs with a wide range of services. In addition, our social engagement will be increasingly visible thanks to the AGIR program we recently rolled out. Finally, we want to promote spaces and tools to encourage discussions within the community, thereby stimulating the next generation, nurturing our inventiveness, and continuing to promote Québec engineering around the world.

I call on each and every one of you to contribute, in your own way, to Québec's engineering ecosystem and to the vitality of our great community. On behalf of all the directors, thank you for your trust and commitment. I look forward to meeting you!