Chair of the Board of Directors
Charles Jacob

Charles JacobContinuing to act on your behalf, today and tomorrow

I have always greatly admired the engineering profession, which is both challenging and creative and has a significant impact on our society. I myself have a bachelor's degree in computer engineering, and a career as a manager in large organizations working in the digital world.

It’s a real pleasure to begin my third term on the Genium360 Board of Directors and a great honour to have been elected as board Chair. I've always felt it important to give back and be involved in the community. The members of Genium360 are one of the major communities that support engineering in Québec. Beyond individual involvement, our successes are based in large part on the communities that support us, which makes keeping them active and effective important.

Next year will be a significant one for Genium360. We are entering a new strategic cycle with the goal of making the members the central focus of everything we do. To implement this strategic plan, a new General Manager took office in September 2021 and our Board of Directors was refreshed in the latest elections, bringing new directors with rich and diverse skills. With our eleven members, our experience, and a solid foundation in governance, we form a group that is committed to representing the interests of each member in a caring and creative manner.

In the coming months, the permanent staff and the entire Board of Directors will work together to develop Genium360's range of services, continue collaborating with our partners, and create new markets that meet our members’ expressed needs. We’re committed to providing you with activities and benefits that will make your professional and personal lives easier.

In preparing our strategic plan, we listened to you and heard your concerns, and now we’re in action. We want to innovate in what we offer you, to be collaborators committed to your interests and needs. As Chair of the Board of Directors for the coming year, I am committed to maintaining, along with the entire team around me, this desire to offer the best services to you, the members of Genium360.

No matter what sector of engineering you work in, whether you’re a professional, an entrepreneur or a self-employed worker, you are an integral part of this beautiful Genium360 organization, and it is with great pride that I assume the presidency. I look forward to meeting you during the coming year, and on behalf of all the directors, thank you for your trust and commitment!