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The results of the 2018 Remuneration Survey in Quebec are available! Whether you are an engineer, recruiter or graduate, check our survey for clear and precise information on your current or expected compensation. The Remuneration Survey is only available in French.

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The Remuneration Survey is a reference tool published annually for the last 26 years and one of a number of services offered by Genium360. More than 5,054 respondents participate in the survey each year anonymously to enable its realization.

This document allows members to relate to their peers in terms of salary, benefits and working conditions. To carry out this survey, Genium360 does business with a recognized research firm to ensure the relevance of the results.

The 2018 report in summary:

  • Highlighting the average base salary in 2018 of recent graduates;
  • $101,726 is the average salary for an engineering professional (all disciplines) in 2018;
  • The average base salary is up 3.6% between 2017 and 2018. This is higher than the increase in the CPI for Canada (2.3%) and the Quebec (1.6%).
  • Three main reasons for this average base salary increase: the combination of individual and firm performance (21%), individual performance (20%) and cost-of-living indexation (16%).


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