Genium360 is pleased to be partnering with Nautilus Plus to offer an exclusive yearly subscription to its members.  


As a leader in physical fitness and well-being for over 40 years, Nautilus Plus offers the best nutrition and exercise programs to improve your health and quality of life.


Get a $145 discount on the annual Corporate Boomerang membership and receive a $1.20 credit for each workout day! That’s right! In addition to the $145 discount, Genium360 members get a $1.20 credit each day they work out in any one of our clubs in Quebec.

Boomerang membership also includes:

  • Free access to the Ultime Fit online training platform
  • A session with a personal trainer or a nutritionist
  • 2 Express Bodë body composition assessments
  • Nautilus Plus mobile app
  • Nautilus Plus sports bag at $11.95 (valued at $29.95)
  • Access to the entire network of Nautilus Plus clubs
  • A wide variety of group exercises classes 
  • Changing rooms complete with showers


 Regular Nautilus Plus RatePreferential Genium360 Rate
Annual subscription*$695.50**$549.74***

*Access to a network of 30 Nautilus Plus clubs, including all services (group classes, squash and racquetball) except indoor group cycling classes.
**  Bi-weekly payment (Total cost $695.50) - taxes not included.
*** Bi-weekly payment (Total cost $549.74) - taxes not included.

To take advantage of this offer