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October 19 2020 - 12h to 13h
October 23 2020 - 12h to 13h
October 27 2020 - 12h to 13h
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May it be manufacturing processes, networks, or infrastructure, factories, buildings… they are now all interconnected.

This in turn means a gradually building awareness of the immense risks and vulnerabilities surrounding Operational Technology (OT) environments and raising new questions:

Is it possible to accurately assess one’s cyber security position? How does the interconnection of OT devices increase the risk of attack? What are the best practices to protect operational environments? Can we be trained in them? Within a company, who can currently be responsible for it?

Beyond sharing a logical approach to the security of OT environments - the management of which differs greatly from that of traditional IT environments – the next edition of the Rencontres de Génie will open doors to knowledge that will make you and your company leaders in cyber security of operational technologies!


October 19

12h to 13h

Cyber Security In The Age Industry 4.0

As the world enters its fourth industrial revolution with the help of “smart” technologies like personal assistants and self-driving cars, manufacturing companies find themselves becoming increasingly digital. Digital transformation allows organizations to produce better quality goods at a faster rate and at lower costs, but it also exposes them to a new kind of risk: that of cyber attacks. This webinar will focus on Operational Technologies (OTs) – what they are, how they differ from information technology, and the security threats associated with integrating the latest technologies into legacy systems. It also aims to familiarize participants with OT concepts and hardware such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), before discussing widely used security frameworks and the standards that are put in place to ensure the safe and efficient operation of physical devices and assets.

Neila Zerguini

Senior Manager, Cyber Security, Deloitte Canada

Neila is Senior Manager, Cyber Security at Deloitte Canada, with strong expertise in Operational Technology (OT), in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security and in risk management strategy. Her background is in computer engineering and business strategy. Neila has led large teams in the delivery of several complex projects related to the security of OT assets, architectural and industrial site assessments, risk mitigation and the execution of road maps in order to improve on security positioning. She supports clients from various industries, particularly the public sector in energy and transport.

October 23

12h to 13h

Cyber Security Collaboration In Canada: Context & Resources

As of October 1st, 2018, the government of Canada has established the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security. The centre’s mission is to be at the heart of innovation and collaboration in the cyber security field. This webinar will address the context of cyber security in Canada, including in critical Canadian infrastructure, and discuss the division of responsibilities between the different actors involved in cyber security. Whether you are self-employed, or work for an academic, private or public organization, this presentation will be of interest to you.

Véronique Ménard

Liaison Officer, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security

October 27

12h to 13h

Is Critical Infrastructure Of Increasing Importance?

Across all organizations and industries, Operational Technologies (OTs), are now an integral part of the modern attack terrain. And while the frequency of attacks against OTs is on the rise, incidents of OT safety can have significant consequences for a company’s operations, whether it be information leaks, property damage, employee safety issues or major environmental incidents. Modern OT environments are increasingly connected to IT systems, as companies consolidate their operational data to optimize costs and accelerate innovation. As a result, CISO’s must manage a complex, sensitive and very large attack terrain often without any visibility into operational technology environments.

Xavier Troendle

Enterprise Territory Manager chez Tenable Inc

Cyber security professional for the past ten years, Xavier Troendle has worked for various companies specializing in cyber security as Sales Manager and as Cyber Operations Manager.



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