President of the Board of Administrators
Marc-André Lépine

Marc-André LépineCombining success with the future

I joined the Board of Genium360 with a willingness to stay in contact with the engineering world. Even though my career has led me into management and strategizing, I am first and foremost an engineer, proud to be part of the engineering community! I am proud of my peers and their incredible sense of innovation. Today, I am proud to be serving them as President of the Board of Genium360.

These past years, I have witnessed the willingness for change that animates our organization. I have witnessed this will as it translates into actions: adopting a new identity and mission, development of a digital strategy, launching the Rencontres de génie, the improvement of our product and service offering, modernizing our processes, renewal of the Board’s governance. And the list goes on.

Most of the elements central to the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan have been achieved. The result: Genium360 offers you more. And our organization isn’t in survival mode anymore. A new mindset has set in, in line with the search for relevance and the desire to be at the forefront of progress.

I am greatly privileged to start my mandate in such a mature governance context. But I also carry heavy responsibility: that of ensuring continuance. This is a challenge because the engineering world is changing and is diversifying. We need to regularly evaluate our actions in order for them to still be relevant in the future.

So, what will keep the staff and Board busy over the next years? The development of Genium360’s offering is at the centre of our priorities as is the strengthening of our ties with our partners. Both go hand in hand. Working more closely with them will allow us to offer products and services that are always better adapted to your needs.

Come 2020, a new Strategic Plan will have to be rolled out. An exercise that will allow us to outline le next steps of Genium360’s development based on current and past successes. The Board is already enthused by the idea of developing new services.

Dear members, you can count on Genium360’s team to work towards building a stronger organization. But please allow me to call for more involvement. To consolidate the strengths in the engineering world - and I mean all of them - we are in need of contribution from a variety of actors.

Engineering degree holders, engineers, entrepreneurs and professionals from all sectors, we need you! No matter your profile, you are invited to contribute to the success of the engineering ecosystem that we work so hard to nourish everyday. Participate in our activities, register for our training sessions, read our blog… or collaborate by offering content. The more diversified and connected the engineering world becomes, the more we will all benefit from it.