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Become a director on Genium360's Board of Directors


This year, four directors are completing their two-year terms.

Mr. Patrice Juneau, having completed his third and final two-year term, will be leaving the Board after six years of sustained involvement.

Three (3) directors up for re-election are reaching the end of their term and wish to continue their involvement: Mrs. Fadjiah Collin-Mazile, Mr. Alexandre Piché and Mr. Nicolas Sbarrato.

Considering that four new directors took office in 2021, and after a detailed analysis of the profiles and expertise in place, the Board members have concluded that it would be beneficial and desirable for the organization that the directors up for re-election this year continue their involvement with Genium360.

Therefore, from a standpoint of continuity, Ms. Fadjiah Collin-Mazile, Mr. Alexandre Piché and Mr. Nicolas Sbarrato should be re-elected for a new two-year term.

Taking into account the expertise currently in place on the Board, the profiles and strengths sought to round out the existing team are: 

> Recognized leadership in your area of expertise:

- Entrepreneurship

- Human resources

- I.T. security

- Digital marketing

> Wishing to move toward a parity Board, female candidates are particularly solicited.

> Members under the age of 35 are strongly encouraged to consider this opportunity.

> Members from all academic backgrounds, all fields of engineering and all regions of Québec are invited to apply.

> Genium360 wants to be a reflection of its members: members from diverse cultures, please think about helping your association!

> Knowledge of how a modern, ethical Board of Directors operates and practices good governance – an asset!

If you believe you can offer distinctive expertise that's complementary to that of the current directors, we encourage you to take part in the nomination period from September 1 to 19, 2022.


Would you like to apply?

The application must be completed and signed by the member applying.

The endorsement document must also be signed by a minimum of three (3) other voting members of Genium360. We recommend that you obtain the signatures of five (5) endorsers in case any are not voting members of Genium360.

Members who submit their nomination agree to abide by the General By-Laws (in French) and the Code of Good Conduct (in French).

The Elections Committee is responsible for validating the commitment of all candidates.s.


The completed and signed application must be sent to the Elections Committee by email at no later than Monday, September 19, 2022, 4 p.m.


Content of the application file

0. Steps to follow

1. Candidate Application Form

2. Endorsers

3. Candidates' code of conduct

4. Candidate declaration

5. Candidate's short biographical text:

• maximum 400 words (without hyperlinks)

• a CV of maximum of 3 pages

• a recent digital photo

6. Declaration of the officers and directors for the AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers)

7. Code of Conduct for Directors, Officers and Committee Members

8. Governance rules and mandates

9. Genium360 General By-Laws (in French)



For further information, contact the Elections Committee by email at

Please note that there may be a delay of two (2) business days before you receive a response.

The Elections Committee