The four (4) directors that are up for election confirmed their intention of running again for Genium360’s 2019-2021 Board mandate. Three (3) out of the four (4) directors will be completing their third and last two-year (2) mandate, the fourth director will be undertaking a 2nd mandate.

After a thorough analysis of the existing profiles and expertise, and taking into account the arrival of 3 new directors within the team, the Board has come to the conclusion that the continuing involvement of these 4 directors within Genium360 for another 2 years would be beneficial to the organization. Indeed, governance best practices suggest that the Board should both renew itself as well as maintain stability in order to optimize work synergy within the Board. Therefore, with continuation in mind, it is advisable that the mandates of the 4 directors up for re-election be renewed for another term.

An analysis of the Board’s collective skill set has been carried out and indicates the profiles and strengths of the existing team, namely:

- Entrepreneurial profile, in particular in industry 4.0

> Recognized leadership in their field of expertise:
> Developing a customer base in a digital environment
> In-depth expertise in the digital field (big data, artificial intelligence)
> Marketing within a digital context
> Strategic planning

- Knowledge of how a modern and ethical board operates

If you feel that you are in a position to offer distinctive and complimentary expertise to the existing Board members, we invite you to consider submitting your candidacy.


This notice hereby launches the nomination period

Candidates must complete and sign the presentation file, following the instructions on the application form. The file must also be signed by at least three (3) other members of Genium360. It is recommended that at least five (5) supporters sign the file in case some are not members in good standing.

Candidates agree to comply with the Code of Conduct. The Geneium360 bylaws (in French) are available under the “About” tab under “Corporate documents.” Compliance with the bylaws and codes is overseen by the elections committee.

The presentation file and nomination papers must be emailed to the elections committee at no later than September 24, 2019 at 4 p.m.



0. Path to follow

1. Candidate presentation file, which should contain the following items:

- An introduction of no more than 400 words (no hyperlinks)
- A CV of no more than 3 pages
- A minimum of 3 support members of the Corporation
- A recent digital photograph

2. Supports

3. Code of Conduct for candidates

4. Candidate’s declaration, which includes the declaration of AMF officers and directors (Déclaration des dirigeants et des administrateurs de l’Autorité des marchés financiers)

5. Presentation of the candidate

6. Statement by Officers and Directors or Associates

7. Code of Conduct for officers, directors, and committee members

8. Rules of governance and mandates

9. Genium360 bylaws



For more information, please email the chair of the elections committee at

Please allow at least two (2) working days for a response.

Elections committee chair,

M. Marc Filion, Ph.D., MBA, ASC, P.Eng, retired