This year, four (4) directors are ending their two-year term. Among them, one (1) director in re-election wishes to continue his involvement, namely Mr. Charles Jacob. Marc-André Lépine, Frédéric Thibault and Sylvie Maréchal have completed their third and final two-year terms and will be leaving the Board after six years of sustained involvement.

In order to optimize the synergy of work within the Board, best practices in governance suggest that a Board of Directors should be able to renew itself while maintaining a certain stability. Considering the arrival of three new directors on the team in 2021 following the upcoming elections, and after a detailed analysis of the profiles and expertise in place, the Board concludes that it would be beneficial and desirable for the organization if the director up for re-election this year were to continue his involvement with Genium360. Thus, in the perspective of continuity, the Board believes that the mandate of Mr. Charles Jacob should be renewed for another term of 2 years.

After analyzing the strengths and profiles of the Board, we are looking for candidates with complementary skills, namely:

- Recognized leadership in their field of expertise:

• Entrepreneurship;

• Human Resources;

•  Information Technology;

• Digital marketing.

- Genium360 wishes to work towards parity between men and women, so female candidates are particularly welcome.

- Although Genium360's Board of Directors is "young at heart", those under 35 are invited to consider this opportunity.

- Genium360 wishes to be a reflection of its 96,000 members - members of cultural diversity - think about your association!

- Knowledge of the workings of a modern, ethical board that practices good governance - an asset!

If you feel that you are in a position to offer distinctive and complimentary expertise to the existing Board members, we encourage you to take the opportunity to apply.


This notice hereby launches the nomination period

Candidates must complete and sign the presentation file, following the instructions on the application form. The form must also be signed by at least three (3) other members of Genium360. It is recommended that at least five (5) supporters sign the file in case any are not Genium360 members.

Candidates agree to comply with the regulation and the Code of Conduct. The Genium360 bylaws (in French) are available under the “About” tab under “Corporate documents.” Compliance with the bylaws and codes is overseen by the election's committee.

The presentation file and nomination papers must be emailed to the elections' committee at no later than 4 p.m. on September 21, 2021.



0. Procedure to be followed

1. Nomination form

2. Supporters

3. Candidate Code of Conduct

4. Candidate's Declaration

5. Candidate's presentation text :

• up to 400 words (no hyperlinks)

• a summary of experience of a maximum of 3 pages

• a recent digital photo

6. Statement by the officers and directors of the AMF (the French Financial Markets Authority)

7. Code of Conduct for Directors, Officers and Committee Members (in French)

8. Governance rules and mandates

9. General Regulations of Genium360 (in French)



For more information, please email the chair of the elections' committee at

Please allow at least two (2) working days for a response.

Elections committee chair,

Michèle Raymond