Dear members,

On September 11th, 2019, the "2019 Elections" nomination period began to take place to act as a director on the Genium360 Board of Directors.

Four (4) positions were to be filled among engineer members and engineering graduates with expertise, personal skills and a desire to get involved on the Board of Directors.

As of September 24th, the deadline for the submission of nominations, the Election Committee (hereinafter: the "Committee") had received 6 nominations. During the process, 1 candidate withdrew and 1 candidate did not meet the eligibility criteria provided for in the general regulations.

Consequently, at its meeting of October 4th, 2019, the Committee certifies that Mr. Marc-André Lépine, Ms. Sylvie Maréchal, Mr. Charles Jacob and Mr. Frédéric Thibault were declared eligible to act as directors of Genium360.

I am pleased to inform you that at the Annual General Meeting to be held on November 28th, 2019, our four (4) candidates will be confirmed elected by acclamation as new directors and members of the Genium360 Board of Directors, in accordance with Article 5 of our General By-laws (in French).

In order to allow all members to know and appreciate the applications that have been submitted, we are publishing below the presentation texts as well as the resume of our candidates (in French).

In closing, let me thank you once again for your participation and hope to meet you at the Annual General Meeting on November 28th.

For more details, see the page "Information on the elections".


Marc Filion, Ph.D., MBA, ASC, ing.

Chairman of the Elections Committee


Discover, below, the profile and motivations of these candidates:


Marc-andré Lépine, Ing., MBA
Marc-André Lépine See presentation (in French)
Sylvie Maréchal Ing., MBA, EATI
Sylvie Maréchal See presentation (in French)
Frédéric Thibault, ing. PMP
Frédéric Thibault See presentation (in French)