Annual General Meeting
November 24 2016


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International seminar

What will the engineer of tomorrow look like?

Stéphane Marchand Stéphane Marchand, Editor in chief and writer ParisTech Review, France

Agile, open-minded, and versatile, the engineer of tomorrow will wear many and more intricate hats. No longer the rational model maker and optimizer, the engineer of the future must generate innovative concepts and develop a more artistic and aesthetic sensibility. 

In an industry with numerous challenges – shortages, image crises, technological changes, the 3D revolution – the engineering profession will need to be in a state of constant transformation. Future engineers will see their roles involve architecture, anthropology, and sociology. In a world marked by the end of cheap energy, they must develop a new ethical code, because the profession will hinge around sustainability.

In his talk, Stéphane Marchand, author and editor in chief of ParisTech Review will paint a portrait of the most important trends affecting engineering in the future.



The new face of engineering: change and perspectives for Québec

Dennis Trudeau
Dennis Trudeau Journalist
Stéphane Marchand
Stéphane Marchand Editor and author ParisTech Review, France
Pierre Langlois
Pierre Langlois Director, Department of Computer and Software Engineering Polytechnique Montréal
Dalil Maschino
Dalil Maschino Economist, director of analysis and information on the labor market Emploi Québec


This discussion will be a chance to further the thought process and tackle future issues that will affect engineering professions in Québec from the perspective of an economist, an engineer, a teacher, and a journalist.

  • How will these changes affect Québec?
  • How will institutions and teaching models have to change in response to this new reality?
  • How will this affect the business world?
  • How will the place of women in engineering change?

This seminar will help participants confront the issues facing the future of engineering professions and raise awareness among managers in engineering firms about evolving business models.


7:00 a.m. : Arrival of attendees and breakfast
7:30 a.m. : Annual General Meeting - Agenda
9:15 a.m. : Seminar and discussion :  What will the engineer of tomorrow look like? 
10:30 a.m. : End of event


Écomusée du fier monde, 2050 Amherst Street, Montreal, QC H2L 3L8