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March 24, 2021
From 8:30 am to 5 pm

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Networks, infrastructures, factories, buildings… They are now all interconnected.

Immense risks and vulnerabilities surround Operational Technology (OT) environments :

With the IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things), SCADA Systems (real-time data acquisition and control system), used in distribution – water, electricity, gas – risk factors are increasing and the repercussions of a breach could affect up to the entire population.

Take action now for the safety of your industrial environments and critical infrastructures!

Who is currently responsible for it in your company?

What are the best practices to protect operational environments? Can we be trained in them?

Rencontres de génie : to be in control of your cyber protection

Rencontres de génie : to be in control of your cyber protection Open the doors of knowledge that will make you and your business leaders in OT cybersecurity!



Président BlueVoyant et ancien directeur du GCHQ

Robert Hannigan was Director of GCHQ, the UK's largest technical and cybersecurity agency, from 2014 to 2017. Robert established the UK National Cyber ​​Security Center in 2016 and was responsible for the UK's first cyber strategy United in 2009. He recently published with Professor Sadie Creese of the University of Oxford a "Cybersecurity Journal for the Industrial Internet of Things". Robert is now president of BlueVoyant, a cybersecurity services company, and senior advisor to McKinsey & Co.

Hacker Ethique, Co-Fondateur, Cygenta

As an ethical hacker and social engineer, FC breaks into hundreds of banks, offices and government establishments around the world. During his career, FC has held positions such as Senior Penetration Tester as well as responsible for social engineering and physical assessments for renowned security companies. Now co-founder and head of ethical hacking at Cygenta, he continues to conduct valuable research on vulnerabilities.
Louis-Philippe Desjardins
After leading the implementation of an industrial cybersecurity practice in one of the largest mining companies in the world and spending a few years advising companies from various industries as cybersecurity director of a large “Big 4” firm , Louis-Philippe Desjardins is currently Head of Information Security at the Société de Transport de Montréal. His technical experience as a software engineer combined with his understanding of business-related issues are essential assets that allow him to understand the real problems of companies, to help managers define their needs, to appreciate the technical constraints, to identify possible solutions and create value for organizations. Over the years, he has helped several companies operating in different sectors develop and implement strategies to effectively manage cybersecurity risks. Although passionate about everything related to risk management, he specializes in cybersecurity governance, the implementation of business continuity and IT succession plans as well as identity and access management.
Ron Brash
Verve Industrial Protection
Ron is Director of Cyber Security at Verve Industrial Protection, an organization focused on critical infrastructure that specializes in IT and TO environment cybersecurity services and products, control and effective management. He has over 12 years of IT and TO integrations and reviews experience in a variety of fields (pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, oil & gas, energy), systems engineering, research on vulnerability, and was recently recognized as one of the Top 40 Leading Engineers Under 40.
Mourad Debbabi
Mourad Debbabi is Full Professor at the Concordia Institute of Information Systems Engineering and Acting Dean of the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science. He holds the CRSNG / Hydro-Québec Thales senior industrial research chair in smart grid security and the Concordia level I research chair in information systems security. He is also President of the National Cyber ​​Forensics and Training Alliance (NCFTA) Canada and a member of the Cybercrime Advisory Council of CATAAlliance. He is the founder and one of the directors of the Security Research Center at Concordia University. Mr. Debbabi has published 6 books and over 300 peer-reviewed research articles in international journals and conferences on cyber security, cyber forensics, privacy, cryptographic protocols, threat intelligence generation, l malware analysis, smart power grid security, reverse engineering, critical system security specification and verification, programming languages ​​and type theory.


 Program (in development)

Conference (in English)
Why do we need to make our critical infrastructures more resilient?

Based on the report “Cybersecurity Review for the Industrial Internet of Things”, Robert Hannigan, former Director of GCHQ, will provide an overview of how threats to critical national infrastructure are being addressed so far. Are current cybersecurity practices adequate? How to envisage the future of this major problem?

Robert Hannigan

Chairman of BlueVoyant (Europe) and former head of GCHQ

Robert Hannigan was Director of GCHQ, the UK's largest technical and cybersecurity agency, from 2014 to 2017. Robert established the UK National Cyber Security Center in 2016 and was responsible for the UK's first cyber strategy United in 2009. He recently published with Professor Sadie Creese of the University of Oxford a "Cybersecurity Journal for the Industrial Internet of Things". Robert is now Chairman of BlueVoyant, a cybersecurity services company, and Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Co. He is Senior Fellow at Belfer Center, Harvard, Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, London, and Honorary Fellow at Oxford University. He writes and speaks regularly on cyber issues in the Financial Times, the BBC and elsewhere.

Conference (in English)
When business worlds collide – balancing cybersecurity and OT

Traditionally OT environments have been isolated, and obfuscated by a variety of challenges including different management paradigms, but also technological challenges. However, with the advent of technology, connectivity, and the proliferation of IT technology being infused into operations or infrastructure this has been an Occam’s razor. Generally, you hear a ton of horror stories about how you can’t patch or secure these environments, and there are some truths, but they are largely myths.

Ron Brash

Director of Cyber Security Insights, Verve Industrial Protection

Ron is a Director of Cyber Security Insights at Verve Industrial Protection, a critical infrastructure-focused organisation that specialises in holistic services and products that work well across IT and OT environments for effective cyber security, controls and management. He has over 12 years of ICS/OT embedded experience, integrations and reviews in a variety of domains (pharma, consumer packaged goods, oil & gas, energy), systems engineering, vulnerability research, and was recently recognized as a top 40 engineering leader under the age of 40.

Case study (in French)
Comment définir une stratégie de cybersécurité TO génératrice de valeur pour une entreprise de transports collectifs innovante

Description de la conférence à venir

Louis-Philippe Desjardins

Chef de la sécurité de l'information, Société de Transport de Montréal

Après avoir dirigé la mise en place d’une pratique de cybersécurité industrielle dans une des plus grandes entreprises minières au monde et passé quelques années à conseiller des entreprises d’industries variées en tant que directeur cybersécurité d’un grand cabinet du « Big 4 », Louis-Philippe Desjardins est présentement Chef de la Sécurité de l'Information à la Société de Transport de Montréal. Son expérience technique d’ingénieur logiciel combinée à sa compréhension des enjeux liés aux affaires sont des atouts essentiels qui lui permettent de comprendre les véritables problèmes des entreprises, d’aider les dirigeants à définir leurs besoins, d’apprécier les contraintes techniques, d’identifier les solutions possibles et de créer de la valeur pour les organisations. Au fil des années, il a aidé plusieurs entreprises évoluant dans différents secteurs à développer et implanter des stratégies afin de gérer efficacement les risques liés à la cybersécurité. Bien que passionné par tout ce qui touche la gestion des risques, il se spécialise dans la gouvernance de la cybersécurité, la mise en place de plans de continuité des affaires et de relève TI ainsi que la gestion des identités et des accès.



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