Planiprêt has a dedicated team to serve you: Your Planiprêt’s Dedicated Engineers Mortgage Brokers Team (Planiprêt Engineers Team) will accompany you throughout the duration of the process, ensuring you receive the most competitive mortgage program reflecting your present situation. Including the Desjardins promotion for Engineering Graduates

You don't pay anything. All fees for mortgage transaction services are free. Our fees come from intermediaries such as lenders. We do everything to very strict standards and we focus on YOUR satisfaction.

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Expertise ● Service ● Integrity

A mortgage is more than just a rate; it’s an investment! Planiprêt’s Dedicated Engineers Mortgage Brokers Team is constantly at work diligently researching and analyzing the most competitive mortgage offers available for Genium360 members. 


Expertise: managing your liabilities.

Rely on a team of experts to secure, manage and grow your investment.  

Your unique advantage: Planiprêt’s Engineers Team is supported by a team of financial planners, actuarial graduates and tax specialists trained to help make your lives better. Look beyond a rate and get a personalized mortgage program!

What if your mortgage became a tool to grow rich?

For Planiprêt Engineers Team it’s more than just the rate, the key is to guide you towards a prosperous financial future. The Team of professional mortgage brokers have all the financial and technical tools required along with the support they need to select and negotiate a great mortgage tailored to your needs. 

Planiprêt Engineers Team will negotiate your mortgage in order to help you make your life better:

  • Steadfast to your financial goals
  • Save you time
  • Avoid mistakes and frustrations 
  • By working in your best interest for optimizing the management of your liabilities

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