Save by transferring your mortgage.

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Don’t wait for the maturity of your mortgage to start the transfer process. Since one can book a mortgage rate for 120 days, your Planiprêt’s Dedicated Engineer Mortgage Brokers Team will negotiate the lowest rate and monitor the rate fluctuations until the maturity date ensuring you obtain the lowest rate offered during that period. If rates rise, you will be protected against this increase.

Most financial institutions will pay the transfer fees when one subrogates the balance of the mortgage to another lender. If you think you will need an additional amount, you will be required to submit a new application to refinance. There are promotional rebates to offset the appraisal and legal fees for this process.

You are planning to renovate? You wish to purchase a piece of land, a cottage, an income property or a new car, but you are lacking the liquidity to do so?

Refinancing can be your solution!

Rates are at historic lows! Your Planiprêt’s Engineers Team will research and analyze the cost/reward factors ensuring there are significant net savings to you by ending your existing mortgage early and transferring to a more competitive mortgage reflecting present lower rates.


Allow us to help you develop a mortgage solution for your financial needs. We will analyze your financial situation together and determine the most important factors, including the mortgage term and available options in order to accelerate the repayment of your mortgage.


The Planiprêt’s Engineers Team is exclusively dedicated to genium360 members.


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