The addition of new service programs to those already offered by Genium360 meets the needs of engineers and the next generation of engineers. To this end, the steps in selecting a new supplier are the following:

  1. Evaluate the market potential for engineers interested in accessing the requested service.

  2. Formulate the specific features of a product or service (inherent characteristics, range, quality/price ratio, extent of the offering, management costs, commercialization factors, etc.).

  3. Research the offering on the market with regards to the following elements:

Geographic Coverage
The supplier’s offering is available throughout Quebec, as a priority, and secondly throughout Canada, with conditions remaining the same.

Special Conditions Offered to Engineers
The supplier offers the service to engineers with exclusive conditions.

Promotional Participation
The partner invests annually in order to promote the product or service; this amount is included in the annual communications plan agreed upon with the engineering network. Another example of participation is a contribution to contests by way of donating promotional objects, etc.

Genium360 Fees
The partner pays Genium360 a fee. This fee must compensate, at a minimum, Genium360 for the costs associated to this service.

Customer Service
The partner ensures engineers have access to a toll free line where the service is rendered in both French and English. 

The partner has a website. One personalized page with Genium360’s logo and the exclusive offer to engineers is minimally required. The engineer must access the partner’s website through Genium360’s website. The partner is willing to update the information geared towards engineers regularly. Ideally, the partner accepts that transactions be carried out on Genium360’s website.

Corporate Social Commitment
Given information provided by the company and that which is publicly available, it is imperative that the company demonstrate social commitment and is not under criticism for its social conduct.

Environmental Respect
Given information provided by the company and that which is publicly available, the company demonstrates environmental commitment and is not negatively criticized for its environmental practices.

Business Ethics
The company provides its policies regarding business ethics and provides examples. Publicly available information indicates that the company does indeed conduct ethical business.

  1. Exchange of information with the suppliers identified in the previous steps in order to:

    1. inform them on Genium360 and the potential market represented by its members;

    2. verify if they would like to partner with Genium360;

    3. negotiate the conditions of the new product or service with those that have demonstrated interest in serving Genium360’s clients.

  2. Finalizing the selection process, by:

    1. a recommendation submitted by the executive committee for Board approval;

    2. management of and possible adjustment to the conditions requested by the Board;

    3. development of a service contract;

    4. final approval of the Board.