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Planiprêt’s Dedicated Engineers Mortgage Brokers Team walks you through the most important purchase of your life.

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Thinking of buying a property soon? You need to negotiate your mortgage renewal or refinance your mortgage to do renovations? Remember, negotiating a mortgage is not just a question of a low rate - some lenders have higher penalties while others may offer better prepayment privileges.


Why choose the Planiprêt’s Engineers Mortgage Brokers Team Dedicated for Genium360 members?

For impartial advice that ensures you choose the mortgage that best suits your needs.

The role of the Planiprêt’s Engineers Team is to diligently explain the nuances of the different products offered by all financial institutions. Before making their choice, many customers make the mistake of only considering the rate. Liability management is as complex as wealth management. Be mindful of the advertised rates and the rates that you are offered.

Sometimes products offer better rates but have a lot of restrictions such as the inability to repay the principal amount without penalty before maturity, to refinance before maturity, to transfer your mortgage on a new property, or even to repay CMHC insurance premium in case of transfer, etc.

The role of the Planiprêt’s Engineers Team is to leverage their knowledge to eliminate wasted time and frustration, as they know the underwriting criteria of different lenders and are able to guide you to the financial institutions providing the best product for your situation.

Planiprêt’s Engineers Team is independent as it is not captive to any one financial institution!  They are compensated similarly by one lender to another. Their unique interest is to offer you the best product according to your goals. This independence allows access to all the products available on the market. You do not have to be inconvenienced to shop at different financial institutions. They do it for you!

Contact Planiprêt’s Engineers Team for your current or future projects! Do not hesitate to call the Planiprêt’s Engineers Team even if you have already received an offer from another financial institution.


The Planiprêt’s Engineers Team is exclusively dedicated to Genium360 members.


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